Adventures In Door Knocking Part I

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Sep 19, 2017

I’ve been door knocking now for about a month. It’s going great so far. In one night you’ll talk to more people and find out what’s going on in their lives than you will listening to polls or reading newspapers.

Everyone is unique and everyone’s story is unique. You start to see a trend of the same things affecting people’s lives over and over again.

For instance, healthcare. There are people who struggle with surgery costs, there are people who struggle with prescription costs, people also struggle with deductibles. It all weaves together. It’s the same issues but it affects everyone differently.

Door knocking is also great because of the response. Lots of people have been voting for years and years and they’ve never met anyone of which they’re voting for.

I hear all the time that I’m the first candidate to show up at their door to hear what they have to say.

When people actually see that you’re there and you’re running and you’re taking the time to talk to them; their reactions are amazing and uplifting.

I feel the same way. My wife and I have lived at our home for around eight years and we’ve never had a candidate or a candidate representative (other than Bernie Sanders supporters) knock and talk about the issues. We’ve had door knocks for causes but not for candidates.

I’m realizing the energy and the importance of door knocking. Our representatives are supposed to represent the people. Door knocking is a great way to get to know your constituents and their concerns on a personal level.