What Is A Maryland Delegate?

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Jun 21, 2017

The other night at a meeting I was asked what a Maryland Delegate is. It occurred to me that a lot of people do not know and, frankly, I didn’t know up until a few years ago.

Maryland’s legislature consists of two separate branches; the Senate and the House of Delegates.

The Maryland House of Delegates is kind of like the United States House of Representatives, just at the state level. There are currently 141 delegates elected in 47 districts. There are three delegates per district. These districts are not the same as a congressional district. Maryland has a very nice legislative district map where you can explore the districts.

Maryland Delegates have the power to pass laws, levy taxes, establish executive departments, and propose state constitutional amendments. Their term is four years and there is not a term limit.

The Maryland General Assembly meets for usually 90 days beginning on the second Wednesday in January. However, special sessions can be called by the governor.

You can read more about the Maryland General Assembly on Maryland’s website.

Interesting to note that Maryland’s population was around 6,016,447 in 2016. That means every Maryland Delegate represents approximately 42,670 people.